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Portacath Problems


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I've had a portacath since Oct. 2004 and it was used for chemo until June 2005. Only worked about half the time, couldn't get a blood return, so we'd use a vein. Due to the ongoing problem I get a "flush" every four weeks and the last four times there has been no blood return but I get the saline and heprin anyway. Asked my primary about having it removed and she said no, keep it in. Anyone else experiencing problems with their port and any suggestions.

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I have had a port since last July with no problems. I do use it regularly, but would need it flushed monthly if I were not using it.

I would ask the doctor what should be done regarding the blood return. If the port doesn't work, why have it?


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I've had my port since Aug. '05 and my chemo treatment ended in March. I have the port flushed every 8 weeks. Last time was yesterday, and they did not get a blood draw. That happened once before, but the nurses treat it as "I'd like to see a blood draw, but no big deal if I don't." I did taste the hep so the nurse was relieved about that.

I'm taking Tarceva now and my onc. wants me to keep the port in at least 6 months (2 PET scans) to make sure the Tarceva is working. Since it doesn't bother me, I'm reluctant to have it taken out.

Good luck.


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