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Update MRI Today

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Mom is geting her MRI today, we are all praying that it is not as bad as we are thinking it might be. She is going in at 1:00. Then off to the Dr. office to wait for the results. My dad says they are not leaving until they get the results, he doesn't want to wait at home. I'll keep everone updated on what is going on when they call me.

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WEll mom got ger MRI yesterday and there are no new growths on her brain. What is causing the problem is the old tumor that is still there. Half of it is dead and the other half is still alive but not growing. So that is good news.

She is meeting with a nurosugren on Monday the 7th to determin if they can operate with out messing her up. If they can't then she will get cyberknife done.

she can't drive until the procedure is done either one. She is kind of upset about that since she watches my duaghter on monday's. But I told her that this is not forever that we will figure something out, but now she just needs to concentrate on getting better.

If they so the surgery she will be in the hospital of 2 to 3 days, then rehab for a week, since she has weakness on her left side. She says it's like she had a stroke, but she didn't.

They put her on steriods like last time so he comes the mean again. It is only one pill so it will not be to bad.

Now we just have to wait.

Thank you for all your thoughts.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. This is such a scary test....I was worried when my dad had it too. The doc came back with, "There is nothing in your noggin but a brain," and it was the most relieving feeling on the planet.

God bless, and know I am thinking of you and mom.


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Thank you all for you prayers and thoughts, this weekend will be a long on. I plan on visiting with my parents on Saturday so I'm hoping that I can talk with my father so he can fill in the blanks if there are any. My mom has a habit of leave some information out which can be important. I'm also going becuase I know she wants to see my daughter. Since it will be a while before she can watch her on Mondays again. We are all hoping by the middle of September she will be back to normal. Or somewhat normal. I'll keep everyone posted.


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