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Getting to Know You - August 03


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Yes. We used to have a swimming pool when I was growing up and as I got into my teens, a small group of friends and I used to skinny dip in our pool; even today, I've got some friends who have a pool and we have been known to swim ala naturale from time to time -- it's wonderful.

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Last time I went skinny dippin was about 5 years ago at an all day party that turned to night. I went off by myself and jumped in the lake under a full moon ..oh. Two full moons.

Been skinny dipping all my life. It is the 3rd best feeling in the whole world.

Cindi o'h

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Soft jazz playing in the background.....

Sharing a nice bottle of wine.......

The pool in my backyard......

The clothes tossed by the side of the pool......

Tender, romantic words........

The glare of the lights from the neighborhood security patrol car ..... "Gee ma'am, we thought somebody broke in to your yard!"


It always *I*S* an adventure in my little world!!

Pam in FL

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Of course not, I went to a French convent school. We had no showers available to use after gym, enough said on that. Also, we had a marriage course that discussed budgets and color schemes, sex was never even eluded to.

I went camping at Watkins Glen for the car races many years ago. We had to bath in a lake nearby, everyone except me was buck naked, I bathed while wearing my bathing suit. How dainty and ladylike, haha.

All this being said, I am really not a prude.

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A few times intentionally once unintentionally.

Keith and I didn't have a pool, but a home down the block did. After a few drinks one night, late into the evening we decided to break in and well... :lol:

The unintentional time was in Lake Michigan in my late teens. Once upon a time I was very thin and could wear skimpy bikinis. I had one that was only held on by a string that wound through the neckline wrapped around the stomach and tied at the hips. Well, one really violent wave, and next thing I know I'm standing there and my string bikini is floating somewhere closer to shore. I had to yell out to a stranger to swim out with my towel. :oops::oops::oops:

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Yes, I have. Dennis loved camping in the great outdoors and sometimes, I would give up the comforts of home and go with him. His idea of camping wasn't anything that included much of the modern things in life and he really loved to rough it. On a couple of occasions, we went skinny dipping under the light of a full moon.

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Yes, in my teen years many nights were spent at the ocean or at the bay partying, I loved the beach at night.. Actually it continued in my early 20s, my husband and I were pulled over by the police wearing just our underwear one night, our clothes were soaked because we left them too close to the water...

Of course, what our parents couldn't instill in us, a movie did. The ocean was never quite the same at night, and my clothes stayed on, at least in the water :wink: after "Jaws". That opening scene killed the romance of salt water skinny dipping for many a soul, including me :cry: .

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