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problem or not?

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My father's heart has been doing a great job and he says he hasn't had too many physical problems other than being easily tired. I hear a shake in his voice that sounds like nerves or even an effect of the cancer and part of this "voice change" I keep reading about. I'm worried since before, during and after the radiation treatments he had diarehia .. worse as time went on. Before it was most likely nerves, during was most likely nerves and treatment. But now? It's been a full 2.5 months since the last radiation treatment was given and it's getting worse. Again, I've been reading the effects of increasing cancer is diarehia. My Dad can't take any new medications ... that is out of the question forever and ever for his cancer. That means any changes could very well be part of the cancer, so the doctor proscribes Immodium and allows him to take at his discression.

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I had bad voice changes several times throughout recovery... a few times for several weeks at a time, I was so hoarse I could hardly talk. I don't know what caused it. They told me before I started treatment that any strange thing that comes up even after treatment ends, to blame it on the treatment.

I had bad diarrhea too. Still have it sometimes.

Nothing too healthy for the rest of our bodies about radiation or chemo.

I am hoping that these issues will resolve for Dad on their own. It is a worrisome job not to know what is going on.

Cindi o'h

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