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Good news

Deanna M.

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Hi all,

Just wanted to post some good news here, especially for visitors reading in here looking for something positive. I know when we first started out with my mom I was searching for anything good.

My mom just got back her scans and it showed that her 2 lung tumors have significantly (radiologists words!!!!!) decreased in size!!!! :D:D

Also her blood tumor marker tests showed a huge decrease. Her original # was 950 (someone with no cancer is below 35). It is now 250!!!!!!

Her pancreas has remained the same. They don't have confirmation though if that is actually cancer b/c it just shows up as enlarged. The onc. said that her pancreas cancer #'s in her blood went down a great deal also though.:) This was only after 2 treatments!!:) She also has stopped using oxygen!!! Her blood oxygen levels went from 86% prior to treatment (having to use oxygen round the clock) to 93%!!!! She was so happy when they took her off that!!

I talked to the onc yesterday by myself. I asked her if she thought it could go away into a complete response kind of thing. She said it happens, but it is rare. :evil: That annoyed me!!! I don't think it's rare!!! On this board alone I can count several people who have had complete response!!!! Arggg.... sometimes I just can't stand the doctors.

She did say that my mom is doing great, dealing with the chemo very well, her blood counts have been great, etc.

My mom feels great the week after her treatments, the week of she's pretty wiped out. But she still manages to get out even when she feels crappy. She came over for dinner tonight and yesterday was her last day of this treatment, so I think that's pretty good!!!!!!

Anyway, just wanted to share some good news!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for you all.:)

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Deanna, WOW!!!!! What great news! You and your mom continue to have that positive attitude. It helps so much. I also have no patience w/drs' negative comments.

Here's hoping all good results for your mom, and like ConnieB does, here are ((((((((((((((((((Deanna & Mom))))))))))))))))))) BIG HUGS!!!

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That's WONDERFUL about your mom's progress, Deanna. It's always great to hear the good news! I, too, get very perturbed at the doctors' negative attitudes. There's always hope and miracles DO happen! Prayers to you and your mom!!

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Hi Deanna & Mom!

Just wanted to drop you a short line and say I am so happy to hear mom's tumors are shrinking!! HOORAY MOM!!!

I sure wish I knew how to reach that lady I met this Fall that had her cancer return 5 times and beat it each time it returned!! She was such a neat lady too!!! I kind of had to many things going on that day to get her phone number,but I did introduce her to a few of my Support Group members that are also SCLC survivors. She sure was a JOY to meet!

But, none the less she gave all of us a lot of hope!!

Good news for you and mom, and I will continue to say a prayer that this will all GO AWAY soon!!! It sure sounds to me like she is doing GREAT!!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Just ditto to all the above responses. You must be thrilled for your mother.

Your mother needs to become the poster child for a positive attitude, which I believe can be the miracle drug for a longer life.

Tell your mother to continue to good work.

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Congrats. What wonderful news for you and your mom. Our oncologist said the same thing to us (rarely goes away completely), but we have seen different here on this board!

Best wishes for continued success!


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