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Getting to Know You - August 04


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Ok ok-- I am getting to it. I am going to type mine right in to the software. I am thinking about what to put in and I have asked people for some. I am putting in my Aunt's recipe for Original Flint Coney Island sauce among others. :D

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Deb....I know you hate cooking but you must have some family members that have some great recipes!!! How about that wonderful aunt of Alan's that takes such good care of him when he's visiting her??? Come on, gal. No excuses allowed here!!!!

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I'll do the Ry response of "OK, I'm getting to it." 'Gonna take some digging around to find any -- been too many years of Lean Cuisines, frozen veggie mixes, instant stuff (like mashed potatoes!) and bland flavorings of pepper, butter buds, and garlic salt on about all meats in our family. Friends and neighbors are similarly cooking-challenged.

We USED to cook some fantastic stuff, if I can just find the recipes!

Saturday edit (8-5): Now 4 submitted and hopefully more coming soon from a couple of friends! :D


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