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Recurrent Small Cell Lung Cancer????


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OK...so here is the question. What do you all think about recurrent small cell lung cancer. I mean, we have been told remission, which of course, we feel completely blessed to hear. However, it seems like recurrent is a REALLY BAD DEAL. What do you think?

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Jen - I know what you are feeling. Trying to be happy and enjoy the remission diagnosis but its hard to wonder if/when the other shoe will drop. My mom has NSCLC but we recently got the remission diagnosis too and I worry about that other damn shoe. You can't just wait for it to happen. Live every day to the fullest and if the shoe drops then you gotta fight the fight again. Don't borrow trouble.

Praying you never have to deal with this fear.


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The fear of the other shoe dropping is always there. That is why when someone says "oh your mom is cured", I go into a long speech explaining how remission is different from cured!

I hope your family enjoys remission forever. Just know you are not alone in the fear.

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Hi Jen, yes, I guess recurrence of small cell can be a bad sign, but I choose to look at it as just another battle in this lung cancer war.

I am six years out of non-small cell and still clear. I was two years out of small cell when it came back this past May. They tried surgery as they had to find out if it was sc or nsc. No go, sc again.

So, I started chemo and radiation and I will keep fighting this - I am not giving up. I believe it is possible to live with chronic lung cancer. I truly believe I will achieve another remission. I have to, I want to live to see grandkids and my son is only 24 and not married yet!

I will be praying for a continued remission.


Nancy B

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Tell you what. I know too that it can come back. But as long as I keep doing things like eating right, sleeping enough, not drinking, taking my vitamins, drinking my NASTY green tea, abstain from smoking and trusting in the man upstairs, I'll be fine. :-)

ohhhhhh almost forgot, not letting my neuropathy drive me nuts!!! grrrrrrr!!! LOL

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Sorry I have been busy this week and have not been on the computer.

I was diag. in 2/2001 and had a relapse in 2/2003 see below.

I am now 3 years!!!! since the last chemo session. I am doing well, a little more tired than before and a few aches and pains-could be I am almost 50!! BUT I am stil here.

There is always hope.


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I believe when they say NED that is what they mean. It is always possible for anything to come back but why look at it that way. Kinda like driving a car. I have been hit before and I have done the hitting also. But quit driving because it might happen again. The odds of getting killed in a car accident might be higher than return of cancer. I dont know and dont care. My onc says NED and NED it is. Dont look back just keep moving forward and thank the lord for every minute that you are even here.

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there will always be the fear of small cell coming

back, that is why the Dr. will scan fairly often. I

do the best I can not to let it get to me, but every

time Alan is due for his scans I worry myself sick.

this last time was a bad deal for us as there was a

new mass that was eventually biopsied and came back

negative, but those few weeks were horrible waiting

the results. This has become our life and Alan and I

do the best we can to live life as normally as possible.

The best we can do is not let the fear win control

over our lives and I think we have done a pretty

good job of that.

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