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The Son inLaw...!!!Warning for adult's only!!!


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One evening the Mother of the house walk's by her Daughter's bedroom and hear's a Buzzing noise. Being curious she open's the door and there her Daughter is making wild love with her Vibrator. The Mother angrily asked her what is going on,the Daughter shout's back i'm 35 i do not have a boy friend and will never be married so just leave me alone....

The next evening her Father walk's by her room and hear's the buzzing sound and he open's the door only to find her making wild love with her vibrator. He also get's angry and want's to know what in the Heck is going on and once again the Daughter shout's out i'm 35 i have no boy friend and no one want's to marry me so just leave me alone....

Well a couple of night's later the Mother walk's in the house and hear's a buzzing noise coming from the living room and goes into check. To her shock there sat's on the couch her Husband with the Vibrator beside him running. She demand's to know what he's doing and he Reply's I'm watching Sport's with my Son inLaw......

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