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Is this funny?


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I started creating this recipe which still needs work, fine tuning, tweaking, changing, etc. However, before I continue working on it, is it even funny? Or is it offensive?

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver or a family member, life is changed

1. Change in vocabulary

4 oz. Misconstruing English language

1 dictionary to look up words you once thought you knew

Wait, when someone says they just got a pet, they mean scan, not a doggie, right?

2.Bizarre what makes us happy

1 liter new perspective of life

1 oz sense of irony

Yes, havin g a lung removed can be considered one of the bestdays of a patient's (and his/her family's) life. Yes, a stable tumor is a cause for celebration. Yes, my mom’s brain aneurysm finding on MRI was wonderful news, it was not a metastasis brain tumor.

3. Heightened body awareness

Large amount of patience by those around you

1 computer to research your ailments

Is that a lump? Are you sure it's nothing? Really, you think it is just fat? Wait, feel here, is that a swollen lymph node? What do you mean you don't know what a lymph node is? Uh oh, I have a headache. Yes, I realize I suffer from migraines, but don’t you think I need a MRI just in case? Yikes, my stomach hurts. Yes, I know stress can make it hurt and I am working myself up over the lump I think I feel, but what if it is something else. Do I need an abdominal ct-scan?

4.Change in favorite baseball team

1 oz. Neurosis

1 change in sports jersey

Mom, I don't care that you are from Queens, NY, you just cannot root for the Mets. You must become an Angels fan like me. Wait, not everyone even knows what I am talking about by not rooting for "mets"?

5. A new love affair

Dash of tolerance for cheating

King sized bed to make room for the new man

I don't care that we are married, I am equally in love with NED and I hope he is here to stay! Wait, you don't know who NED is? He is my favorite person in the world, No Evidence of Disease!

6.Sudden doctor phobia

1 great doctor

1 neurotic patient

A physical or routine check up is no longer routine. It is very normal to immediately ask after each poke and prod whether there are any lumps/masses.

7. Onset of being a hypocrite at times

1 oz of self-realization

1 oz self centeredness

Yes, I admit it, a couple of years ago I'd be crying too if I locked my keys in the car and was stranded in the pouring rain without a cell phone. But sorry, catch me on a bad medical day and it is kind of hard to be sympathetic. After all a little water never hurt anyone, right?

8. Money can buy happiness

10 lottery tickets

1 trip to Las Vegas

Yes, I used to believe the old phrase "money can't buy happiness." But after learning that some cancer drugs can costs hundreds of dollars a day which most cannot afford, my attitude changed.

9. You are laughing

10 liters laughter

dash of giggles

tons of smiles

You actually find this recipe quite humorous because it accurately reflects your new normal

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YEP! I like it. I could especially relate to #2. After we were told how big mom's tumor was we were also told that it most likely was advanced stage. So when the doc called to tell us the cancer was limited to the (LARGE) tumor in her lung we were ecstatic! My sisters and I were joking "My mom has a grapefruit sized tumor in her lung, isn't it great!" We truly thought it was.


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