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I am now a 'MOTHER-IN-LAW"

Cindy RN

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Well we got back to good ole' Robinson late Sunday. My son Paul was married on Saturday in Charlotte, NC. The wedding and reception went grrrrrreat. I am so exhausted tho. I did well thru the days we were there. So God did give me the strength for what I needed to do. Now He says REST!!

I still can not believe he is married :cry::cry: I really feel old now. My 25 yo son-a husband :shock: Roxie (my pug baby) dressed in her bridal dress and the brides 2 dogs were dressed in tuxes. It was priceless. The only free thing about this wedding. Thank goodness it is the brides family who signs most of the checks. Anyway-wanted to hi to all and that we had a very nice time. Glad to be back.

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What a blessing for Paul to have Mom at the wedding!. Now you have another child without having to go through the nine months etc. ! Congratulations! :D So glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Donna G

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Better watch out, you may be a grandmother in a few months (pug and new found friend?).

All kidding aside, am sure your son had a great gift from you for his wedding. To have your recent scans come out clean was all I am sure he wanted. That had to have made his wonderful day.

So glad you are back...

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