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My sister diagnosed Friday with brain cancer

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Friday, after three weeks of headaches, sinus infection treatment (which wasn'), our family has had such a blow. My 52 yr old sister had colon cancer about 5-6 years ago. They say it is in her lung and brain now and if the brain masses keep pushing on her brain stem, she could die instantly if it herniates. We are in shock, that this has happened. She was on vacation and then stayed with her daughter for two weeks and just never could get to feel good. She has almost no short term memory, but her long term is good. We talked for a long time last night about old times and she did wonderful.

I am so tired, I had chemo on Thursday and have spent the weekend with her and family at Bowman Gray. My mom and dad are so upset. I know that you all know how I feel.


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My sis did good through the surgery, very alert and with little motor skill problems now and short term memory seemed better. She still has more tumors that they couldn't remove in her brain and they said it is in her bloodstream also. Left lung looks bad, not sure what they are going to do yet with treatment. Probably will deal with brain first with radiation.

Thanks for your prayers and kind words. This has been such a rough two weeks on our family.


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Oh Betty, I am so sorry to hear what your family is having to deal with right now. It's just toooo much! :(

I'll keep your sister in my prayers and I hope you don't over do it at this time. Your rest right now during your treatments are so very important.

Take care and know that we are here for you if and when you need an ear/eye!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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