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Update on Mom *update 8-17*


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I've talked to Katie a little about the situation, figured I'd go ahead and post.

Mom hasn't felt 'good' in a long time. She just keeps going strong though, having us over, going shopping with us, you know, everything she's always done. She has to get up every morning and take something for pain, usually advil helps, she's just achey all over and so tired. She's been on three antibiotics in the past couple of months for a sinus infection. Well, about three weeks ago or so her voice got hoarse and has remained so. Her new pcp gave her some flonase and said if it was allergies it should help. (they just recently moved back here, out in the country, dirt road, lots of pasture to mow, so lots of allergens.) Well, it didn't really help. She saw her onc. on friday, who is concerned about the hoarseness and has made her an appt with the ENT for this thursday. I guess they'll do a scope and check things out. (there's no sign of the sinus inf. any more, which is good, and the lung xrays haven't changed any in months, which is also good.)

Her recurrance (a year ago Jan.) was never found in the lungs, no tumors, but in her lymph nodes.

They've also scheduled a PT scan for next month to chek out the nodes.

Please keep her in your prayers.

I'll update when I know more.


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Hey Christy,

You've been away too long and I have missed you. Seems like Mom has gotten a mixed bag, huh.......some good and some iffy news. I will most certainly move her up the prayer chain hoping for good results to come. Let her know I am pulling for her and wish her well.



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Mom just had her ENT appt today, it had gotten rescheduled.

It seems her left vocal chord is paralyzed because something is growing and pushing on it. He said it could be lymph nodes. He's surprised she can talk as good as she can. He will send the report to her onc. She gets a PET next month anyway, guess we'll see where we go from here.

I wanted good news so bad. My mom is so strong, she said for me not to worry cause she wasn't.

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