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next step and zometa


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Has anyone ever used Zometa for bone mets? If so what were your side effects and did it help you?

We found out today the Taxotere did not work and the cancer is still spreading. Any ideas on how to proceed? Has this happened to anyone else only to have the third time be the charm?

All advice appreciated.


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My wife, Lucie, has been on Zometa (once a month IV) for over three years. She has had little side effects from it, and the onc and we believe it has helped. She tends to get bone mets easily, and we feel it has slowed this down.

Zometa works by strengthening the bones, so it is a preventive more than a cure. Don

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I have Zometa monthly and the only side effect seems to be a little achiness - nothing bad.

I assume it helps - but who knows, The purpose is to strengthen the bones.

As far as next step, there are a number of treatments tha doctor can offer. My last treatment was unsuccessfule and I am now on Taxotere and waiting to see if this will work.

Good luck.



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