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Mom home from the hospital

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Well my mom is home from the hospital. :D She seems so much stronger its incredable what a few day have done.

She has an appointment on this thursday with her Onc. to discuss future plans. His nurse said that she is 99% sure that he will want her to finish her radation.

After letting her talk about it for the last few days she has decided that she is not ready to give up. She just dosent want to be that sick ever again. Her heart cant take it. If they can come up with something other than what she was doing then she is ready.

we have no idea what other options there are for her but we will soon find out. If we are not happy with what his plan is then we will discuss going to seattle and getting a second opion.

So please send her your thoughts and prayers. I really believe it must be working because things seem to be going our way for a change.

Thank you all for all your advice and thoughts. I soooo appreciate everything. I come here everyday and my husband is so glad that I have found you all. You have all been a godsend to me and I soooo appreciate you all.


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