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What what what has been going on here????

I go away and my good friend Darrell gets laid up and a new gf???

Pleased ever so much that Chris lend a helping hand.

I hate that I missed hearing about this....so sorry but happy you are feeling better.

Big Big Big hugs to my favorite flirt at LCSC!!!

Much love,


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Eppie! I still love ya!

Tomorrow is ONC day. I'm seeing so much of this guy that I'm beginning to think we're golf partners. This brain radiation has been a butt kicker but I'm glad it's over and the effects moving on.

I'm betting that on Monday the play will be chemo for DB. Will keep you posted.


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good to see your posts and glad your rad is over!! Let us know how it goes at the Onc and what the new game plan is. Praying for total success! You've the attitude for it! And it seems, many gf's as well!


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I love your attitude, Darrell! I firmly believe that attitude is everything when you're fighting this damned disease.

Which doc are you seeing at CTCA? My mom saw Dr. Citrin, and we just LOVED him. OF course we saw lots of others while we were there, but he was her primary oncologist.

Continue taking good care of yourself, and keep up that positive attitude!

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