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Falling Down


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Yesterday, when I was at the hospital for chemo, I fell. I got up after they called my name, crossed the room, had my wrist band checked and then started walking down the hall to a chair. My leg(s) just kind of wouldn't hold me up - so I fell forward to my knees. I got right up and was walking around - again feeling fine. I was not dizzy at all.

They called my doctor and he didn't seem concerned. All my vitals were fine.

This occurred once before, March 24th, again at the hospital. But at that time I was experiencing dizziness now and then.

Now I'm wondering what could cause this - I have had brain mets, but neither doctor feels this would be consistent with the brain mets. My sister has suggested possible some weakness in the spine, where I have also had mets and radiation.

I have no unsteadiness in standing, walking etc. When I am down on the floor - or get down to wipe something up, I do seem to have a harder time rising then BC, but that has been for some time.

Anyone have a similar experience?


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It could be to your body has accumulated so much treatment, and with the combo between radiation and chemo, it can do a job on you. Hey my husband, passed out about 2 weeks ago, he was fine, thank goodness, but when I talked to his onc. about it, he seemed to think it was the chemo that was the cause. Please take care of yourself....


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