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Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking around again but not posting much. With a baby due any minute and my 4 year old home from pre-school for the summer, I can't seem to find any time :)

I know that the good news forum is my salvation when I am feeling down about lung cancer so just wanted to share our good news. My dad had his 3 month scans and he is still NED. In fact, they said it was his best check up ever! Nothing lit up on his PET scan anywhere in his body, not even one particular yellow area they had been watching. Tarceva seems to be working for now and that is just awesome. He has been cancer free for 8 months which is amazing since he had such an awful time back in December. His doctor gave him a small reprieve and said that he doesn't have to come back to Hopkins until this December (4 months). With a new grandchild coming this month and my brother getting married next month, I can't tell you what a relief this is. We can celebrate without having that "cancer" word on the brain. In fact, I think this news was better than the "Its a boy/girl" I've been waiting to hear.

On a funny side note, I was in labor and delivery with contractions Monday night but they sent me home. My mom called me that night and begged me to keep my legs crossed and hold the baby in until they got back from Hopkins. She was so torn. They were anxious to get the results from the scan but didn't want to miss the birth. Thankfully the baby cooperated. :)

I pray for all of you every week at church and please know that you are not alone.


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Wonderful news of NED Tammy!!!

You can uncross those legs now and get that show on the road! It sounds like a great month ahesd for you and your family, a wedding and a baby. Wishing you lots and lots of joy, you deserve it.


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Just gotta love that NED, huh? How wonderful for all of you! Now I'm waiting to hear about this new baby!!!!! All the stats, name, and PIC!!! No one loves baby pics more than I do!

Thanks for sharing your great news with us this morning, Tammy!


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Your's is the first post I read this morning and I'm just beaming for you. Wow, what a happy time for your whole family. So many things to look forward to. May your labor be swift and painless; your baby happy, healthy, and smart; your brother live in wedded bliss; and your father remain NED! Enjoy.


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you are full of good news today. It sounds as if your

parents will be there for the blessed birth of your

baby. I remember when Alan's Grand Daughter arrived

in Feb. He was there to hold her right out of the

delivery room. I pray it is the same for your parents

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