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My friend and co-worker Robert passed away

Gina D.

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He went on monday afternoon. He was 38 years old with a wife. No children.

He had bone cancer, and it spread to his lungs after 2 remissions and while on his 3rd bout with chemo.

It started in his knee and was caught at a very early stage. He was so young and had just gotten married, he opted not to have his leg amputated. He later admitted this was a poor decision that would probably cost him his life.

Why am I bringing a bone cancer patient onto the lung board? Becuase he was the first at my side when I was DX'ed and helped me through the initial shock, trials and tribulations of this ride. He took the time to help someone that was in far better shape then him, just because he cared and knew he had a special insite to offer me that no one else could.

He was in the full throngs of Chemo, and still working every day to build beautiful guitars. He was a musician, a guitar player, and had lost every one of his beautiful long blonde musician locks. He took all of that in stride. "It's only hair".

I showed him this board not 2 weeks ago and he has lurked in here from time to time. He thought this was a wonderful community.

Robert worked almost to his last day, it gave him comfort. He will be missed greatly, and his skills and artistery will be lost. Each instrument is unique and the builder is the one that gives it it's uniqueness. I hope the person that gets his last guitar plays it well and will forever feel his music in it...somehow.

Goodbye Robert.

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We all have a person like your friend that helped us thru the initial period. Thanks God for those people. I had a fellow from our church that sat by my bedside that first week and I guess we talked for several hours. I do not recall it but he tells me we did. Three weeks earlier he was brought into the ER I worked in, in the midst of a heart attack. Lots of prayers and medical intervention saved him. He tells me he remembers me being there and he was not as frightened since he knew me. I hope we each take the time to be there for another person in trouble. It always comes back around. :D

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Thank you for your kind words. I was very upset today over this, tho I knew yesterday morning.

My co-workers will be celebrating his life on saturday by bringing thier instruments to his home and having a giant jam session. They will be playing some of the guitars he made in tribute.

I will not be able to make this celebration, much to my dismay. I was asked to man the PA system (My actual true area of expertise) and I am trying to re-arrange my schedule so I can do so. It is not looking like I will be able to tho. This dissapoints me. I wanted to do this for him and his family.

I'll keep trying tho.

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