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It's Scan time...again

ma's kid

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Hello everyone :)

It's time for my mom's three month follow up CT scan and we could certainly use a prayer or two.

Her last scan was *ok* but there was one area they were going to keep an eye on. Hopefully, things will be status quo.

She's been feeling pretty good but still has some slight confusion and seems to *fixate* on certain things...really strange. My niece just recently got a tattoo (her grandaughter) and ma just keeps saying over and over how she is ruining her beautiful body. Ma before the cancer..wouldn't of liked it but would of *let it go*...now it's all she can talk about. Sometimes I wonder if she remembers that she just had the exact same conversation with me yesterday.

On a positive note, she is shopping, going to lunch with friends and plays an occassional nine holes of golf and says she feels pretty good for being 83!

I don't know, guess I am just scared.

Ack..I am rambling, sorry.

My love and prayers to all.


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Sounds like Ma is doing pretty darn good for.........83!!!!!! Golfing :lol: ! As far as harping about the tattoo.......sounds pretty much like just about any other grandmother to me :wink: !!! I'll be putting in my prayers for good scans though! Best of luck with them.


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