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Wiped out!!!


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That's exactly how I feel!!

Yesterday I had my first Taxotere treatment and of course, the benadryl pre-meds always make me oh-so-sleepy.

I stopped taking the pain meds for the port because the insertion site stopped hurting, it is just tender now. But then I started taking the anti-depressant - I was told that by a friend that takes Lexapro that it made him very tired in the beginning.

And he wasn't kidding!!! EEEKKK!!! Between the chemo, the pre-meds, the anti-depressent and the post-chemo meds, my life is one big nap-a-thon!!! Thank goodness I prepared a whole bunch of meals prior to starting chemo, because now I all have to do is nuke dinner and use the fine china - Dixie paper plates!!

Pam in FL


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Oh Pam...........

Sorry about the lethargy. I'm pretty certain that things will improve though. Let's hope for that.

Well, didn't catch you in NJ. I think my cell is one big problem. I was in RI recently and called Eppie (from this site) and got a very persona male voice recording. I also got an answering machine when I called your # too. I don't think cells have answering machines like that, do they? I always thought it was an automated type recording. Obviously YOU never got my message, and I don't think Eppie did either. I've had a few other problems as well. So I guess I better look into a more 'updated' version.

So anyway Pam, sorry we didn't get to chat and sorry too you aren't feeling up to snuff. Pizza delivery is always another way to go :lol: !


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Wiped Out is probably a pretty good description for what you're feeling. When I first started chemo I sort of partnered up with a young gal who had breast cancer and had just had a mastectomy. She was the clerk in the oncology department and we started treatment at the same time, Friday afternoon as I recall.

When it was our turn we'd usually set near each other so we could chat. Our chats didn't last long as she had the same Benadryl reaction as you do. After about the second drip she'd zonk out. From there she would be fatigued for the rest of the weekend.

But, cheer up, the chronic fatigue is common to everyone and just another step in the process. Our dog and I are still fighting for the couch most days.

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Hi Pam,

I take the Lexapro at night - so making me tired is not a problem. The Benedryl is a definite snoozer. I am also on Taxotere and I take a decadron pill (which is more of an up). I usually only experience the fatigue after not sleeping - because decadron will do that to you. I also have had low red blood counts almost from the start, so I usually get aranesp once a month. Anemia can also make you tired.

Anyway, napping is good for you. It sound as if you have everything covered.


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