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One more quick note about cookbooks


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Hi :) I heard that a couple of people had trouble e-mailing me. Not sure if there was a glitch on my end, I have received lots of e-mails and I check everything in spam too.

In any event, I wanted to let you know that if you send me recipes and/or a photo to andreascheff@adelphia.net (or if you PM me), I will reply with a "thank you" b/c that is how my mommy raised me and this is all about my mommy for me :P Plus it will let you know I received it ;)

So no response from me means no receipt. But hopefully that has not happened to anyone reading this :)

So many recipes sound soooo yummy. I want to eat. Too bad no one lives right by me for me to come sample 8) I am able to come up with an entire menu of what I would like served to me on my week of bed rest for in-vitro. I informed my mom of such, you know, thinking it could give her something to do, and at least she had a good laugh :lol: Although she is having fun going on and reading recipes and inputting, so that is good.

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