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I'm new to participating, but have browsed quite a bit. A brief history, my mom was dx with Extensive Stage SCLC with mets to lymph nodes and liver in May 03. 5 rounds of Carboplatinum/VP16, recurrence in Lungs in Aug 03. 12 rounds radiation.

We seem to be running thin on options from our current Dr who is part of the UW Madison (WI) clinic (he is suggesting Topotecan). We want to take her for a 2nd opion to Mayo.

My question - does anyone have any experience with Mayo Clinic? Any recommendations on Dr?

Any recommendations are appreciated.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all in this battle.

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"we seem to be running thin on options from our current Dr."

Call the Cancer Cure Foundation at 1-800-282-2873. They can be reached from 9-5, M-F. See what they can suggest.

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Guest Jonathan

Hi, Instead of topotecan i would recommend a more potent and active drug called CPT-11. It has demonstrated dramatic results in patients with SCLC. Also there are other drugs that you can ask the oncologists about for future options if this therapy fails. They are




cytoxin with adriamycin and vincristine

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Johanthan - If I remember correctly, you're in Chicago and have experience with the U of Chicago. We are looking at taking her to Chicago or Mayo in Rochester for a second opinion/other options. Do you have experience with a particular Dr. at U of Chicago that you would recommend?

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