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Prayers & Good Thoughts Please ***13-Aug Update***


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This is Brian, Joanie's husband, and she could once again use your prayers & good thoughts. As she may have mentioned, she has been fighting a low grade fever for almost 2 weeks now. Her doctor had prescribed a course of antibiotics and the fever would come & go. She stayed home for a couple of days last week but felt well enough to return to work on Monday. On Tuesday afternoon at around 4:00 PM, she started coughing up blood & immediately took herself to the emergency room at Beth Israel.

Fast forward to today when they did a broncoscopy . The good news is that there is no sign of the disease returning. In addition, the embolization they performed yesterday seems to have stopped the bleeding. However, the patch that was put in place in December was degraded, presumably by the infection, and is in need of repair. They are exploring several options for achieving this and tomorrow is aboout the earliest that they will have a decision on what course of action to take. She is in relatively good spirits, medically stable and, surprisingly, feeling pretty good.

I'll update you, her friends, as soon as I know more. In the meantime, your prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Best Regards,


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Brian, I am so very sorry that our dear Joanie is having more problems. She is such a sweetheart and we all love her so!!! Please tell her that we are all in her corner, cheering her own with good thoughts and prayers! Thank you so very much, Brian, for keeping us updated!

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Thank you Brian for letting us know. And update us as soon as you can. You can see how much Joanie is loved here.

I am so glad she is feeling good and hopefully they can fix this ASAP so she can get home. We know how much she dispises hosptials.

She is in my prayers.


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