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good news???

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Hello All

My mom(74 yrs old SCLC) and I went to the onc. yesterday to get results of f/u PET she had last week. This is the second one post treatment, the prior one was end of June. (Before these appts. I like to pick up her films just in case they need them and so I can read the report so I have a clue.) I'm certainly not a doctor but worked for doctors for 15 yrs as a med assist. So I kinda know how some of them skim reports and follow the impression at the end.

The body of the new report seemed odd to me compared to the June one, however the end was no evidence of disease progression.

We saw the doc. and he said it looked stable if not a little better so he would rather wait 3 mths for another scan than put her thru more chemo now.(On the drive over she had already told me she wouldn't have chemo) So this is great. He said to call gyn onc. to get his treatment started. (for the uterine ca)

I felt a little silly but I asked him about how different the 2 reports were and he agreed but felt it was due to 2 different radiologists that read the films but that he would call and touch base with them just to be sure.

His nurse called me today to tell me they just spoke with the radiologist and it looks worse not better and he wants her in the office next week. What a difference a day makes.

Quite awhile back I started putting my phone number as the primary because she would always lose some info in the translation, so she doesn't know they called yet.

Our appt is Wed. I think I will wait to tell her until Tuesday so she doesn't worry all week. What do you think?

I haven't figured out how to do the diagnosis and treatment list at the bottom of the page yet, sorry.


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first ... in my profile there is a section for comments .... that's where you can put a quote or your experience to date.

I agree with you about not letting your Mom worry etc. All you can do is deal with what comes up each time you go to the doctors office I suppose. It never seems to be the same way twice ... even if it is good ... you still have to go back for something.

Good luck to your Mom.


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