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Counterfeit Drug Problem


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Counterfeit drugs all over the market

Fake drugs are all over the place these days. Criminals have figured out ways to manufacture counterfeit drugs and sell them on prescription Web sites. Sometimes these fake drugs even show up in the traditional drug store supply chain, unbeknownst to the drug stores. One of the most popular fake drugs to sell is Lipitor. That’s because it’s a very expensive, brand name drug. Taking these fake meds is like taking placebos. They don’t do anything for you. So how can you tell? If the company or site doesn’t require a prescription or has no physical address, then you know. In addition, the pill or capsule may look different than the original prescription you received. So, keep one pill from your original prescription on hand for comparison purposed. Also, if the prescription doesn’t come in the original manufacturer’s container, or there is no disclaimer in the package, you may have a counterfeit medicine on your hands.

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IMO, it's best to avoid on-line pharmacies that don't require a valid RX. This is particularly important when purchasing scheduled drugs. Also, stay out of Mexico.

Major U.S. drug chains are safe as are most independent pharmacies. FDA oversight, unannounced state inspections and threat of civil / criminal liability keeps them honest. There are several on-line sites for drug identification. If you receive an unfamiliar drug, proprietary or generic, that is of concern you can always ask the pharmacist to show you the stock bottle and / or provide related information. A good example of a widely used generic line with a shady sounding name is Dr. Reddy's, but they're big and legit. http://www.drreddys.com/



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Related and unrelated at the same time. Fertility meds are very expensive. For the first time, my doctor suggested ordering a drug from Italy at a cost of $1,000 instead of $3,500 in the US.

It was a legitimate pharmacy, I needed a perscription, etc. Well turns out, a couple of patients did not get a good response making eggs from the Italy meds that month so now my dr won't use it.

I am out $1,000. My doctor is trying to get the Italy pharmacy to reimburse her patients but Italy argues the drug is fine, it was ordered by a presecrition, etc. My doctor's office said maybe they had less q uality control over there, who know.

THe lure of saving money was great, but of course now it cost us more.

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