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Roger C

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Dear Roger,

A friend of mine who also is a 12+ year LC survivor of Stage IIIA Sqaumous had a 5 year fun with phlegm problems. He said what worked best was a tablespoon of brandy.

I had it too off and on and I just coughed and coughed and coughed until it came up. Then most of the time it was a little plug of sort. Coughed until I was blue in the face for a little 1/2 dime size of phelgm. :roll::wink:

I tried the brandy but it didn't work for me. I tried Clorospetic (spell) and it helped a little.

Don't drink milky things or chocolate that causes more phlegm.

Good luck!

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My dad has the same issue. It is a big issue. He had post radiation pneumonia which seemed to make it worse...so we are now with the theory....cough it out, to get it out! I will read your posts though, because this is such an intreting topic and we might find somehting more to try!


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when I went through pulmonary rehab, I was given a therapeutic tool for just the problem. It is called an "acapella". Also was given instructions by the RT to use it. It has helped me. Then given instructions on huffing rather than coughing to prevent collapsing something inside of the lung. Do you have a trusted RT you can consult? I was impressed with the program at the local hospital I attended. I learned quite a bit about my diseases and managing them.

Good Luck, Roger. Thin secretions are easier to deal with than more viscous. Drinking water helps. Some meds will dry out the mucous membranes and turn your phlegm to paste.

Cindi o'h

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Does anyone have any suggestions on getting rid of phlegm ? Any help appreciated.

My suggestion is to cough it up and spit it out!

Actually, the last time I had problems with phlegm (it comes and goes) my doctor suggested an expectorant and re-newed my Albuteral inhaler prescription. Worked well...and I also started taking my Zyrtec again. Could be allergies...

Take care!

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