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Update on Judy

Guest DaveG

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Over the months I have been with this message board, I have traded telephone numbers with several of our members. Judy happens to be one of those members.

Being I was in near shock, I had to call and check up on our "JUTAY-JUTAY-JUTAY.

What has been posted by her daughter is exactly what she confirmed with me, so I do not want to address that. Judy's everpresent sense of humor is still well in tact. She had some very descriptive stories of her hospital experiences over the weekend. She claims to have made the top of several "I don't want her for a patient again" lists. Having personally experienced Judy's sense of humor, this is not hard to imagine.

From what Judy related, the tumor is on the spine at T-1 and T-2 vertebrae. This presents a problem in that it is next to impossible to excise the tumor through normal surgery. Her radiation oncologist is talking gamma knife plus other options.

Judy's daughter Chris, will be keeping us updated as to Judy's progress. Judy has a number of things coming up and will be a busy woman for some time. She can not sit up for long periods so she will be missed on the chat room for a while.

I will say I was very happy to hear her laugh. It told me, that her sense of humor is still in tact, although slightly frazzled.

Hang in there Judy, we're all rooting for you.

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No cooking with Judy during chat? No salivating over what Judy is making for dinner during chat? No jokes, no insulting Dave G, no.... oh my God I need a Zanax.

Seriously Judy, we all wish the best for you. Thanks for the update Dave 8) our chat host.

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Guest stephnewyork32

Dear David G,

Thanks so much for reaching out to me this evening and ringing me. *BIG HUG* Being in LA I feel so a lone and frightened. But it is the people like you that make the difference, and I know Mom is a fighter and she is positive and besides, I know she wants to drive that new cadillac around *smiles*, and as for the Wed chat, I am a broke yuppy, but I can describe my frozen Marie Callender dinners, while they cook??? I know it isn't the same, but I can try, *hhahah*

anyhow, I am heading out to AZ Monday and I will do my best to be on chat Wed night to let everyone know how great Mom is doing, I am sure she will have said something to offend a nurse in the hospital and be back to herself soon. All your love and support is really helping. I will pass all this on to her.

Hugs and prayers and thanks.

Stephanie for Judy B

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Hello all, this is stephanie one of Judy's daughters, I don't know why but I can't ever log in, so I have created another alias, but I used the same name, so it is me, anyhow if you want to email me directly please use stephnewyork32@aol.com

Mom's surgery went well and she is in recovery. Cris called me at about 11 pm on the pacific coast with the news. The had to remove two vertebre and put in a plate. She is able to move her arms and legs at this time.

This is very good news and she will have an MRI to make sure the got it all out with the surgery.

All your thoughts and prayers made a big difference and I will do my best to keep you posted and do updates.

It is late and I am going to try to sleep. Thank you again and bless you all. She still won't be online for a little while, but we will do what we can to be in touch with all of you as I know how important you all are to mom. :D:D

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Hello all, I just spoke to Cris and it looks like Mom is going home today, Friday, they did an MRI, but now that she has a plate in her spine it is hard to read the MRI, so we think they are going to do Chemo to be sure.

I havent' spoken to Mom yet, and I think she is still groggy, but all in all she is doing well, as she is a fighter! So if you want to send cards, she would love it, send them to her at

1170 West Las Lomitas Tucson, AZ 85704

thanks for all the support and love and prayers.

Stephanie for Judy B

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