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Getting to Know You - August 11


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I have to admit that I did touch my tongue to one of those metal ice cube trays. My friend dared me to try this and...I couldn't pass up a dare. Any of you remember a "double dog dare?" Well, this was a double dog dare and I was one stubborn and headstrong little gal! My tongue only hurt for a couple of days...lol! Every time I see the movie "A Christmas Story" I have a rough time watching that kid put his tongue on the icy flagpole.

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METAL ice cube tray?? Huh? LOL

(Actually, my hands used to stick to the trays because I would come in from outside and Mom would insist I wash my hands and I was in such a hurry to get a darn drink that I wouldn't dry them well...and we all know what that leads to with ice!)

Now, the only metal thing I have that holds ice cubes is my freezer...

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