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I've been AWOL for a few days, sorry Rochelle I didn't get permission from your narcs to leave town for a few days but here I am back from Beantown with renewed enthusiasum for our walk.

Rich was at the meeting and he looked great, I told him that I would report back to all of you who have been concerned about his health recently. He's baaaack!

Another reason for this post is that I am leaving town again tomorrow (can I ask for a hall pass from here please?) and I don't have time to answer all the posts that I want to.

Please know that I'm reading all the posts and keeping you all in my thoughts, I'm rejoicing with all the good news and worrying for all the not so good.

Have a good weekend everyone,


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I probably speak for Ry when I say you can go IF you promise to send a recipe that compares (I don't think it can be topped), your Crab Dip recipe from the first book.

I made some last weekend for a bbq, I TRIPLED the recipe, and it was DEVOURED :)

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Wouldn't you know it, tonight I can't sleep and we have a 6+ hour drive to NJ in the morning! Guess it'll be my turn to drive just as I start to fall asleep.

I'm not so well travelled as it sounds but I must admit that as much as I don't care for living in VT it would be nice to have an entire week at home. I don't think I've been home all week since I came home from TX. We spend most weekends at our trailer (pseudo camping!!) and I've been going to Boston a lot (had an accident there and had to return rental car etc).

The walk is on track and things are falling into place at an alarming rate.....it's just wonderful, everyone on the committee is working so hard and we are now seeing the results. You can check us all out through the LUNGevity website or ours at www.bostonlungcancerwalk.com (sorry don't know how to make it a link.......Rich if you read this come to my aid please!)

Andrea, I'll try to find another winner for you......maybe the shrimp puff recipe will come close, it's just more work. I'll check out my files (HA, a lot of the recipes I use are on scraps of paper or newspaper/magazine shreds - don't want to mess up all those lovely cookbooks I have!)

I'll be home on Monday and will catch up with all the goings on then.

Take care,


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