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Prayers Needed ASAP


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My mother is not doing well at all. Today we found out that she has mutiple bone metastases and her liver is failing. The doctor gave her the option of stoping treatment or trying one more round of chemo (different type) Her last chemo treatments did not work at all and he gives us a 10% chance that this chemo will work and even if it does it will only prolong her life a few weeks. She is in alot of pain. Please pray for our family and for my mom. This is a very hard time and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through this.

Thank you and God Bless all of you.

Susan M.

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Prayers are going up now---Lord be with Susan and her family at this time of decisions that need to be made. Be with each of them and let them see what you would have for them to do. Take away the pain her mother is having. We trust you can do this just like the woman who touched Jesus's hem of his clothing. She was healed because of her faith. Lord we ask that you be with them all at this time. In His Name. Amen

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It is so hard for them to give a time, Susan. I really don't know what to tell you about the chemo except to pray about it. What seems right to do for your mom and you? We were told 3 months w/o brain radiation and then got only 3 weeks with it. In hindsight my mother-in-law sometimes wishes my father-in-law hadn't had to endure that at the end. Did it give him more discomfort that really wasn't needed? Oh, so hard to know about all the "what ifs".

My heart goes out to you. It has been so hard to lose my father-in-law, I cannot fathom the thought of losing my mother which I know you are dealing with now. Please know I am praying hard for you to do what is right for you and your family. From what I have read and witnessed, there is a process that one goes through as they get ready for the transition away from us. It is so helpful for us left behind to know that our loved one was able to see those important to him/her and give time to their loved ones. It is helpful to them to know that nothing is unresolved if possible. Something to think about. Again, you are in my prayers.

God bless~Karen M.

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Dearest Susan,

My prayers are there for you today that your Mom will feel less pain soon. Having been there myself, it is soooo hard to decide what to do. We want them to live forever, I know, but when you see the pain in their eyes you cry for help to God for guidance. May he guide you and support you through this. :cry::cry: My thoughts are with you, and may God give you and your family the strenght to get though this horrible time. Amen


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I know how difficult this time is for you....I mean I REALLY know how you are feeling. Nothing anyone ever said helped me thru the few weeks following my dad going into the hospital...I swung back and forth between hope and the despair of what might happen. Just know that until the last breath is taken...this is NOT over and there is ALWAYS hope and in the end, it is your moms decision what she wants to do. Treatment may not help at all and then again, it could be THE drug that maintains her life for months until the next one comes along! This is what your mom must weigh out when deciding. And you need to remember that thru this all, she knows how much you love her and how much you've already done for her and to be by her side and treasure your moments together.

God bless you both and I am praying for your mom's health to make a turn for the better, for the new chemo to work until there is a cure.

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