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Big Foot Pass


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Okay, so I'm actually going somewhere for a few days that is NOT business related and no one in the family has died!! Go figure!! :shock:

I'm going for a few days to SE Oklahoma which actually has had Big Foot sightings because its so rural. But there are mountains.. and I miss seeing mountains so I rented a cabin (of course its not too rustic :wink: ). Hopefully the only big foot that I see will be my own, and I'll be back home by the end of the week, rested.

A good week for all..

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Oh sure you'll go to some good forsaken place to see Bigfoot but you can't come to Michigan!! LOL Geez, you got me and Beck here as tour guides what more could you ask for. OK - here's your Bigfoot pass--have a wonderful relaxing time.

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Debi,have a fun,safe and relaxing week.Be careful tho because I think Bigfoot is a real deal and last I heard he was sighted in SE Okie.The campers who spotted him were talking on their cell phone to loved ones back home when he came around a bend in the trail they were on.Their loved ones said all they heard was loud terrified screaming over the cell phone followed by what appeared to sound like burping from indigestion. :roll: .

The campers were never seen or heard from again.Bits and pieces of clothing and stuff were found everywhere.

HAVE A GOOD TRIP :twisted: .

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