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I just spent some time searching for a post for Bruce. I know that a lot of times, a reply to a question is "do a search on it, it's been covered before". Ummmm, doing a search is NOT easy. I'm pretty decent at finding darn near anything online and could NOT find the post as quickly as I wanted to. On my FOURTH try, it was midway down the second page!

Please, if you know WHO posted it and can find the post, post a link or a quote for a newcomer - or just bump it up! Sure would be a lot more friendly then telling them to just "search" the topic!



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Yeah, me too -- I tried searching for it for a bit and couldn't find it either! :oops: Second page, huh? Geez, I even went page by page for a bit as I thought it was fairly recent ....probably had the wrong forum.... :oops: Ran out of search time -- really does help as a post-er, if you bring it up, to find the link or bump like Beck said.


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