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For those with babies....


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As most of you know, I lost my mom two weeks after my first baby/her first grandchild was born. There are times that Caroline stares up into the air and smiles or just laughs for no apparent reason. She began smiling in the middle of the night just after my mom passed away. Maybe this poem explains why...


Toward Morning

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning before it is light, I hear my baby talking in her crib.

If I rise up on my elbow very gently so she will not see me, I can see her there in the dim lights, dark eyes with her fat hands clasped together or patting one another.

All the while she makes those tender, inarticulate sounds in her own language.

To whom is she speaking in the dark, toward morning?

Is she still so near Heaven, this little one, is she talking in the language of the Angels to some visitor invisible to me, but seen by her pure eyes?

Is she making a report of her days events, her own progress report, or asking of the welfare of others she loves in the land she left so short a time ago?

Perhaps the Angel who cares for her comes in that Holy hour to sit with her and love her yet awhile - - toward morning.

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Oh Holly,

Caroline is speaking to whomever it is you think she is. She is reporting on her day to that person, for sure. And you are right, she is still so close to heaven she has the inside track on all who are there. Your Mother is with her always. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Love to you and Bug,


Love Little Miss Yellow Hat!!!!

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