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Getting to Know You - August 15


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There are a few.

I went to college for art; painting and sculpture. I love art, but haven't had the inspiration or desire to do anything creative in years now. I think my soul is just too dark to see any beauty right now.

More importantly, I would like to be able to write words of inspiration and hope. I was always told I was a good writer, and even won a few creative writing contests in high school and college. Now, I would love to right something meaningful, something that will help others going through this cancer journey. I would love to write a book as a memorial to Keith but I'm suffering insane writers block. I've been unable to even journal memories and feelings of Keith right now. I think I need to strengthen those creative skills.

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Writing for me, too. I wrote one book ( just for fun to share with a friend), and I really would like to write this other story that is inside me right now....I just can't seem to make it work...doesn't feel right at this point. Hopefully the Muse will visit again soon.

:) Kelly

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I do this Japanese braiding called kumihimo that I really love. I have some photos of it on my website:


I really love to make these braids - it's very relaxing and there are so many uses for long woven braids. Right now I am making keychains for a friend's business to give as gifts to her suppliers at Christmas.

I also love to make jewelry too. I make necklaces, bracelets and earrings and sell them on Ebay. I have all the equipment for making glass beads and when it gets cooler, I am going to start practicing that too.

I find crafty stuff very relaxing. These hobbies have really helped me fill the long hours since I am not working.

Pam in FL


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