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Surgery tomorow

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Mom is getting surgery tomorrow at 6:00am. She had to go and preregister yesterday and it was a big toll on her. My aunt her sister brought her for that, from what my aunt told me everything went very smoothly. My mom didn't seem really interesting in talking to me at all yesterday or even today when I called. It was like she was blowing me off. It kind of hurt me. But I have been trying to not let anything she says or does bother me. Most of it is due to the steriods that she is taking or the zanix. She was on two pills a day and started to really scare everyone around her. She was so mean and hurtful. She finally called her Dr. and he lowered her to one pill a day. I'm hoping she will be off of them after her surgery. It is like Dr. Jeckel Mr. Hyde. Very scary. I almost didn't let her see my daughter the other day because she was acting so crazy. I however relized that it would only make matters worse if I denied her to see my daughter.

I'm going to dinner at my aunts house tonight with my daughter, my husband can't make it and my mom is all bent out of shape about it. He made a prior commitment and can't get out of it. I'm really dreading going to dinner. I have no idea what to talk to her about since she doesn't seem interesting in anything I say. I was telling her about my checkup today on the phone and it was like she was not even listening. I just don't know. I know Wednesday is just tomorrow but it is not comming fact enough.

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Your mom is very very VERY scared right now. She is thinking she may not get off that operating table and all kinds of other crazy things. But, non the less, her brain is working overtime. (Boy do I know)

This night should be whatever your mom wants. Make it Mom's night, a night to nurture mom and comfort mom. I'm sure she is interested in you and your checkup, but her fear is taking over all her thinking pattern and you are just going to have to be VERY supportive to her for a while. At least for today and tomorrow. :wink:

She's not thinking straight, I know just HOW she feels. It's very scary!

Please tell your mom that someone who doesn't even know her wishes her well. :wink: If she needs someone to talk to or someone who's been where she's at, let her know we are all here for her too! Maybe you could share some of the uplifting messages from some of the LC Survivors here at LCSC.

God Bless you and your mom. Give her a hug from me to her and let her know she can do this and she'll be alright! :wink:

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Prayers for a successful surgery and resolution to what's going on between you and your mom. While general fears and being scared is certainly part of the equation, in my experience, that's not necessarily all of what you are going through -- and it can hurt deeply.....that's the part you have to know you must let go of and forgive every day -- the hurt, the nastiness from meds side effects or just plain disease issues. Just know that your mom really is interested in you and does care no matter what things look like on the surface.

Please keep us posted. Praying that conflict disappears.....


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Dinner was good last night, she was tired but that is to be expected. My dad was there also so he was able to clam her down a little when she would get nervous. Surgery is today. She has to be at the hospital by 6am and they were going to give her another MRI at 7:30 to pinpoint exactly where the tumor is located. They also want to compare all of her MRI's which I think are like 3 or 4 I lost count. I will post an up date when my father calls me after the surgery.

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