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Hi everyone! I am just checking in. Everything is going great with Mom. She hasnt had a scan since March, but she has an appt. with her onc. in a few weeks.

Since my Mom was diagnosed i have visited her at least once a week, more if she wasnt doing well. On Friday, i will be moving away to go to graduate school in Saint Louis (10 hours away). I am excited about going but i am very nervous about leaving my Mom. We didnt have the greatest relationship during my teen years, but we have become much closer the in the last year. I feel bad about leaving her, kind of guilty i guess. On top of the typical school/moving stress, i am worried about her. I dont know how we'd handle her being sick again with me so far away. Hopefully we will not have to deal with that, but i cant help but wonder. Well, sorry to vent. i guess i only needed to talk to someone who might understand.


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Shame on you for being away so long, Rochelle. I am so glad to hear that all is still going well. Yes, the fears you have, we all have. But just go ahead with plans, live your life, and hope and pray for the best. That's all any of us can ever do.

It will be a good experience for you to be away at graduate school. Don't go looking ahead too far with 'what if', ya know? And make sure you report here with all A's!!!!

Good luck,


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As a mom, I would be so thankful that my daughter was able to have a 'normal' life. I know she must be so proud of you!

As a daughter, I was 14 hours away from my mom during a tough time in her medical history. We did get calls, and I drove through the night a couple of times to get home. I hated it, but we made it through. I also learned to let others (esp my brothers) take the lead in some of Mom's care.

I'm back home now, but I understand your concerns. Don't borrow trouble--go enjoy your time in St. Louis. It is easy for me to say it, but I know this will work for you.

Good luck, and keep us in the loop!

:) Kelly

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Enjoy grad school and don't worry about mom. You're only 10 hours away (you can be there in a day if needed) and it is a well known fact that people named Rochelle have a lead foot and can do the trip home in 8 hours if needed. :lol:

Rochelle 2

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