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My egg retrieval surgery tomorrow.... (8/16 update).


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I know it is so minor, but still under anasthesia. Tomorrow they will go in and retrieve hopefully lots of little eggies to fertilize and then transfer back on Saturday for my in-vitro:)

I gotta call the surgery center back though. They called me while I was at lunch with some people today, I took the call, answered questions, but somehow when it got to height/weight I was not comfortable sayign 5'2" and ____lbs, so I guess I should call back to be sure there is enough anasthesia :oops:

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The procedure went well, she got 25 eggs out, but all of them won't fertilize. I find out on Sat how many are good and then I have the embryo transfer.

It was funny, my mom recognized the anasthesiologist. Turns out he did her brain aneryusm coiling and he fully remembered her case from 1 year ago b/c it was unusual to have an "elective" anyerusm procedure in that she was asymptomatic (most people dont know about them until they burst) and her lung cancer and all. He genuinely looked shocked and pleased to see how well she looked :) It was a fluke b/c he rarely does the procedure I had today :)

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