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Surgery UPDATE

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Well the surgery went very well. Mom is in recovery for a couple of hours and will be transfered to her room. From what the Dr. told my father, the tumor was all dead and the radiation that she had to kill is was making it swell which was causing pressure on her brain. So the tumor was removed along with a couple of nodules? Can someone explain what a nodule is. So all is well. I will be going with my daughter and husband to see her tonight. Can someone tell me what to expect after a surgery like this. I know her head will be bandaged up and all but what else should I expect. Also if all goes well and she is released from the hospital I will be with her on Friday, what can I expect that day also. I have been around people that have had surgery before but never on their brain.


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Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts. Went to see mom last night at the hospital. She looked very tired, which is to be expected from the anesthesia. She had a bandage on her head put not her holw head. She was more upset about her hair being cut the way it was then the operation. She is very relieved that the operation is done. My husband, daughter and I stayed about an hour. We will go back tonight and I beleive she will still be in the hospital until sometime on Friday maybe Saturday. I know she was hoping to get out today but my dad talked to the Dr. and he said the soonest would be on Friday afternoon. So we will see on that. She did have a headach which is to be expected. She wanted Tylenol but they would not give it to her. Don't know why. She was on Morphine before since she can't have the other drugs they wanted to give her. They wanted to give her Percasets(sp?)but they make her sick to her stomach. I'll keep everyone up dated on what is going on. We are all relieved that everything went very well.


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