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Last weekend at dads


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I went to my dads again last weekend and it seemed he had done a complete turn around. The weekend before he was sleeping around the clock and couldn't eat anything. This past weekend he was up and eating. He even took my husband and I out to breakfast. His sense of humor was back, the dad I know. His wife commented on that and he said that means I am getting better. While it thrilled me to see him doing so well it also made me sad because I know this won't last. I'm going back again this Friday thru Sunday. I hope he is still feeling good. His doctor wanted Hospice called in but dad refused. His wife thinks he has stopped taking his medicine. He did say he wished he would go ahead and die because he is making his wife suffer. The reason he says this is because she is constantly crying and is depressed to the point where she stays in bed. I understand how she feels but I don't think she needs to behave this way around him. Not to that extent. On June 22nd dad's doctor gave him six weeks to three months, tomorrow makes two months. I do wish dad would've considered chemotherapy. He said he didn't want to spend his remaining time being sick. I understand that but I know I'll always wonder what would've happened otherwise. --Karen

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Karen, enjoy the good times with your dad and make the most of them. Your dad has the right to choose what he wants to do or not, and you should respect that. Playing "what if's" will only bring you misery. I'm glad he was well this weekend and I wish there are more for him and you. Don

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As hard as it is to be the caregiver to someone who has made this decision, I encourage you to enjoy these times. You can know that you avoided many sick times without chemotherapy, though I know that doesn't make it any easier.

I pray for your peace and continued strength.

God bless,


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I'm so glad your dad is up and more spry this week!

When my grandmother was diagnosed with lymphoma, she did one round of chemo and declared it wasn't for her. It was so hard for us to come to terms with her decision, but we did. She went very quickly after that, but she had a dignified ending to her life with all of us there. More importantly, it was her choice.

I don't know what you face in the days ahead, but I will keep you in my prayers. Hold on to these good days!

:) kelly

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