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Found This Wise Advice From Dean Carl


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I looked back at my original post to this site over 2 years ago because I wanted to remember those key to my support here in the very beginning. Found this advice and just thought it was so appropriate to repost it. Take care.


Sorry you had to seek us out, but VERY glad you foiund us.

Yea, the "in between times" can be the roughest sometimes, whether it be waiting on scans or with something other than cancer. But I think those times are best served by spending time doing things OTHER than thinking about the cancer. Take some "vacation" time from the cancer. Look for ways to enjoy life without thinking about the disease. There will be time enough to concider it later. I find the easiest way to not think about my cancer is to think about something esle. In other words (and EVERYONE who's been here awhile knows what's comming next :)), think about a Zebra instead.


It's a little trick I use to help with my anxiety over the future. Works like this: If I tell you not to think about an elephant, guess what? E-yup. There it is in your brain, all big and grey and floppy eard. You can't NOT think about the elephant (cancer, the next scan, the next treatment, whatever). But if, when I say think about an elephant and you think about a Zebra (something pleasant, which for me is my garden or my cats or the diner I'm going to have ... or chocolate ice cream :)) instead I"ve found that for the amount of time I'm thinking about that zebra that elephant is no where to be found.

Again, welcome to the board.


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Oh Tina....thank you so very much for posting this. Dean Carl was so loved by everyone on this board. He was such a wise and wonderful man that was a true source of inspiration to so many of us. I have saved some of the PM's he sent to me on some of the darkest days in my entire life. I have them printed out and I still go back and read them when I need a boost!

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