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Moms going home

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Just spoke with my mom and they are releasing her from the hospital today. My dad is on his way to pick her up. She is so happy, I'm happy. She actually sounded like her normal self meaning her voice was not weak and filled with worry. So I will be visiting her tomorrow with my daughter which will make her very happy. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers.


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Saw mom on Friday and she was in really good spirts, she is very upset about how they cut her hair and is a little grossed out about the cut and staples on her scalp. She goes on Wednesday to get evaluated for therapy and on Monday to get the staples out. The Dr. still has not released her from his care yet so she can't watch my daughter until then. I think she is afraid to until he says so.

Friday went very well. She was walking and talking like the person I remember. She still has a problem with letting go of items in her left hand but with therapy and time that will be corrected.

Thank you all so much for you prayers and thoughts. I will keep everyone updated on her progress and visit the board.


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