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lung tumor pain


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This is my first posting but I have been reading for a few days. I am grateful to have found a place where I may find some support and answers from those of you who have walked where my dh is about to follow.

My question today is do you have any over the counter recommendations on how to lesson the pains he is experiencing in his chest? He describes it as an almost constant dull ache with occasional sharp needle like pains. We only have four more days to go until he has his upper left lobe removed.

I would also welcome any advice you may have for me on how to best help him recover. Trying not to be frightened. Fortunately we are in the hands of a very skilled thoracic surgeon.



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You might call your surgeon or whoever referred you to a surgeon to ask about pain relief. I've been told not to take aspirin or other NSAIDS for about 2 weeks before surgery, so you better check with your doctor anyway about whatever he is taking now. Hope they can help him and hope that the surgery is successful.


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Hello and welcome Mindy,

Mixed blessings to you, happy that you have found us, sad that you have to find us.

I agree w/ Muriel, "NO ASPIRIN!!" my husband found out the wrong way, he had to wait for his initial biopsy for 2 weeks due to this lack of clotting. So definitely call the dr.

Also, has he tried a heating pad, I know that it helped my husband sometimes when he has pains.

I'm sure you will get others who will tell you their experiences.


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Welcome Mendy,

So sorry to hear about your dear husband, but I will definitely keep him in my prayers for a successful surgery and complete cure.

I don't have any over the counter advice for the pain. I would ask his onc before taking anything though as it could interfer with his treatment plans.

As far as helping during recovery, I haven't experienced it, but the one thing I've heard reoccuringly here is that following surgery pillows are a blessing. For a few days/weeks following surgery sleeping in a bed may not be possible. Many have slept in a recliner or when in bed they were propped up with many pillows. Also a good squishy pillow that he can hug against his chest and incision will help when he coughs or moves. It helps a lot with the pain of these actions to hug that pillow for some reason.

I know there are many here who have gone through the procedure first hand who can offer more and better advice, but I just wanted to throw that out there. Get extra pillows and one good hugging pillow.

Wishing you the best, and sending you lots of prayers!

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Definitely no aspirin...Tylenol all the way. We would call the surgeon for his recommendation, but the lucky man is on vacation this week. At least he should be well rested before operating on my husband's lung on Monday. The heating pad is a good idea.

Any more suggestions? I will pass all along.


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There has to be a doctor covering for your surgeon that could give you some advice.

As far as post-op, I have had many surgeries including the lobectomy. I learned the hard way to TAKE IT EASY that first week or two. That means doing NOTHING beyond taking care of self. I got up, sat on the couch, took a shower, had breakfast, sat on the couch, later lunch, sat on the couch

:wink:Get the idea?

I even scheduled a nap time, and I am not a napper.

Taking the pain meds those first weeks are very important. Don't wait for the pain the first week. I took it every 4 hours, pain or not. Waiting for the pain is too late. I was off the pain meds before my 4 week checkup.

I used a body pillow.

Go to the library and get lots of good movies. Get him a good book to read.

:wink: Take care of yourself too


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Welcome to the boards, although I am so, so sorry that you ever needed to seek us out in the first place....you know what I mean.

I don't know much about these pains, but I can tell you that when I first became a part of these boards, someone advised me that his most important piece of advice about cancer treatment is pain management. He said that one should do anything and everything to feel good. In other words he said not to worry about getting addicted to anything, or about taking something that might make one sleepy, or wide awake, or whatever, but to take whatever needs to be taken to feel good, because once one is able to feel good, they can fight, with all their might!

God bless, best of luck, and prayers.


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Welcome to our family. Sorry you had reason to find us but glad that you did. As for post surgery, Carleen had some good advice. I slept in a recliner for 3 or 4 weeks and took my pain meds every 4 hours at first. I did get up and walk each day (they told me it would help me get my strength back) and those pillows were a real help.

As for the pain meds prior to surgery...NO ASPIRIN is great advice. Also if he takes any blood thinners do without them for a few days...call the doctor to see how many days. Best of luck to you both.


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