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8/17/06 Update

Mr Ry

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I saw the Onc today to get the results of Monday's CT scan.

Stable appearance of the abnormal mass in the right upper lobe with a large retrocaval-pretracheal mediastinal lymph node mass as before. No interval changes are able to be seen on today's study.

Compromise of Superior vena cava remains unchanged.

Slightly prominent left adrenal remains stable.

No metastatic disease to the liver.

Stable, unchanged and stable I can take. Next CT is not for 6 months. I will remain getting Avastin every three weeks until something changes.

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Stable abnormal mass :? ...........I am taking that as good? If so, then this is bery good news, right? Hope you are feeling pretty well with the Avastin. Next CT in 6 months makes me think your onc feels all is pretty good, huh? I am happy for you guys. I REALLY am!


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"Stable abnormal mass" sounds like a line for a dating service...LOL

Stable abnormal mass seeks SWF for walks on the beach...yep, that's an ugly guy with a JOB!!

Glad you're a stable man, John - wouldn't that make you a "paige"??



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Of course I wish that your scans came back with no evidence of cancer, just like I wish I never had lung cancer and none of us had to be here...

But since we're all here, and what is is, I am really glad to hear that your scans are stable and unchanged. Keep kicking that cancer butt John, you're one of our heroes.

(That was a compliment.. don't expect any more for at least another year.. :wink:)

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Stable sounds like a WORD that fits your vocabulary very very well! I LIKE IT! :D:wink:

I too agree it's nice to see you pop in here. :wink: Wow, 6 months?????? Does that make you a little nervous? I know it's GOOD NEWS, but I know it adds anxity having to wait more then 3 months. :shock::roll::wink:

I hope your starting to feel a lot better John! You've had a bumpy road and you deserve a long and healthy break.

Will continue to keep you in my prayers. Sound's like a lot of our paryers are being answered in one way or another!

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