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Joanie's Post-Surgical Update 23-Aug


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Joanie had surgery today to close the hole & came through it just fine. She is still heavily sedated but can communicate is aware of the positive outcome. They were able to take her off the vent after surgery & she is breathing on her own. BP, respiration, heart rate, etc are all stable & looking good. The next couple of days are going to be crucial but all signs are positive for a complete recovery w/no loss of lung function.

Thanks again for the prayers & please keep 'em coming a bit longer.



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Joanie continues to do well & asked me to say Hi for her. We both greatly appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts. I'll print this & the other threads & bring them with me tomorrow. She may not have computer access but, in this way, she can still see your great outpouring of support first hand.

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I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a few days but things have been pretty hectic with me running between home, work & hospital. First, the doctors are still optimistic about the surgical outcome. However, there has been an assortment of complications that are delaying Joanie's recovery.

She was doing well and in really good spirits throughout the weekend. Monday morning, however, she wasn't feeling well & an x-ray showed that there had been a partial collapse of her right lung. It was apparently caused by a phlegm blockage that they were able to clear Monday afternoon with a bronchoscopy. She was also experiencing atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rhythms) that they have successfully controlled with amiodarone. Normal sinus rhythms have returned. However, the amiodarone has upset her stomach.

The doctors were also concerned about the possibility of Joanie developing a blood clot as a result of the surgery & the atrial fibrillation. To lessen the chance of that happening, they are giving her heparin (an anticoagulant). That, in turn, has allowed for some minimal bleeding to continue, lowering her hemoglobin levels and necessitating a few transfusions.

If all of that were not enough, Joanie started running a fever yesterday and was diagnosed with having "a touch" of pneumonia in her left lung, the otherwise healthy one. Considering everything, she is still in pretty good spirits but is fairly well exhausted and really, really fed up with being sick.

I'll update again in a few days. Please keep those prayers and good wishes coming.


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I was just thinking of Joanie earlier..

thanks so much for the update, you must be exhausted with everything going on, both physically and emotionally!!

You make sure to tell Joanie that we are all thinking of her. Sounds like she's having a rough time with all these side complications going on- but tell her it won't be long before she's as good as new (well as new as she can be at her age :wink: -make sure you run when you tell her that!).

Seriously, you tell her I think of her often, and can't wait till she's back on board, posting herself. My best wishes are with both of you...

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