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The waiting game


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My Dad had his biopsy around 10:00 AM Tuesday. The doctor told us the pathology report would be given to his oncologist within 24 hours.

Still no word. My Dad called them at 4:30 today and he was not able to reach the onc or his nurse. So we think it's one of two things:

1. Everything is fine and no immediate course of action is necessary. Other patients and events are given priority.

2. There is a recurrence and they are procrastinating with the bad news. Medical professionals are people too, nobody likes to drop a bomb.

I asked my Dad how he felt every time his phone rang today. He said he felt very nervous. This is tough on me, but pure torture for him. Maybe when you work in oncology you're able to disassociate yourself from empathy.

He is literally waiting for a reprieve or his death sentence. That's pretty big in someone's life.

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Oh I so TOTALLY understand this. I suppose all this is just every day stuff to those who deal with the patients. I sure hope they are never on the OTHER end while playing this waiting game. Hope that by the time you read this you will have answers........AND that they answers are what you want.


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I think the waiting was harder on me than my Dad. I totally understand how horrible it is (insert hug here) I will hope and pray that your first thought/instinct is the one...nothing to worry about!

Remember: no news is good news, and, there is nothing to worry about until there is something to worry about.

My very Best thoughts, wishes and prayers for you and your Dad,


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When I read your post I felt like I was writing it. I remember the undescribable tension my dad, mom and I were under while waiting for results. Our stomachs were in knots, our hearts fluttering, cannot even count the sleepless nights! I really understand.

Sometimes the reason they don't call is because they haven't received the results from the pathologist. Even if doctors tell you "I should have it by tommorrow", often times they don't get it until 2-3 days later. I'm a nurse, and I know. At the place I work, patients usually get their biopsy results in a week! So please, try to calm your father by telling him what I said.

I hope you get the best news.

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I went through exactly what you are going through last month with Alan's biopsy.

He also had his on a Tuesday morning and we had results on Friday, his Dr. called himself to say

everything came back negative. so hopefully you will

hear something today. I pray you do and that the word

will be NEGATIVE.

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