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follow up on my stage question & why is this worse


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Thanks for all the info about staging. It seems to be a difficult process for some of us.. Like I mentioned only a couple attorneys in town even handle the cases and those that do won't talk to me while I'm working. I would have to stop work.. unfortunatly I have no short term disability. so no work = no pay and this could go on for a year?? I should have applied when I was diagnosed the stage 4 but couldn't I had to work. Now things see getting worse. Why is that? I've always had problems with neuropathy but now my left hand is becoming almost completely numb, sort of. Other times the top of it burns and when I wash my hands or put clothes on and something rubs across it.. it's a terrible burning. The area seems to be getting larger. Why is it getting worse. I thought the chemo effects would peak and then the damage was done. I haven't had chemo since about 2002. I had cistoplatin, carboplatin and taxol. I can't seem to type anymore. As I mentioned the lymphedma is worse in my arm and it aches alot. Keeps me up at night. Along with numbness and pain in the back and ribs. I guess what is bothering me is why it is getting worse? I work in an office so I sit at a computer and type. I'm having problems and pain from sitting and now I can't seem to type or hold a pen or pencil.

this is all so frustrating. I get bitter because of the way the doctors screwed up my case and gave me the wrong treatment and yet I'm grateful to be NED and don't want to rock the boat. I'm just not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for listening to me whine..

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Hi Tami

Just a thought and you may have already checked into it, but would there be any chance of Social Security disability benefits kicking in for this?

I wish I could give you some better information or suggestions..

Sending prayers and tons of positive thoughts


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I just went through all this back in January and finally received my first SSDI check this month. In the meantime, I recieved a SSI check every month - it was for $600.00. In order to qualify for that, I had to have less than $2000.00 in the bank. There is a six month waiting period from the time of approval for SSDI until you receive the first SSDI check. I received the SSI check within a week.

I was approved for SSDI very quickly - probably less than 2 weeks because all my medical records say Stage IV. I was told at the time that Stage IV is automatically approved.

Hope this helps a bit.

Pam in FL

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