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blurry vision

Marco Jo

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HI There,

Has anyone had experience with blurry vision after chemo? This is my sister Jeannine's 4th round. She finished a week ago, but still has blurry vision which is making her dizzy/nauseaus. It happenened last time as well, but was finished by now. Also, any advice for dealing with cold feet, the literal kind?

Thanks again for all your great energy!

Marco Jo

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My dad didn't have this, so I don't know...but I hope you have some luck here! My dad had to wear support socks to avoid any kind of clotting...it helped him avoid the cold. My dad wore a hooded sweatshirt on even the warmed days! Chemo is a booger!


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Hi There,

Just wanted to let you all know- the blurry vision was due to the nausea med Kytrol(sp?). They sswitched it for aloxy, and Jeannine had a much easier go of it this round. Her side effects were much milder and no blurry vision. She was up and about doing things every day! What a relief!

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Marco Jo,

I'm all too familar with Kytril, it did a terrible job on my husband when he had to take it. I'm glad they made the change for her.

Also FYI, which is something I never realized, until my husbands' optomologist and his NP told him, that chemo, beside the usual way, also comes out, thru your tears, and sweat....and he was also told to wash his clothes separate from all others because of the chemo getting into his clothes.

Another piece of info. I can tell you from personal experience, is that the platium based chemos, can be very effective, but they can also cause problems like neuropathy ( numbness/tingling ) in the extremities. And some people have also experienced ringing in ears and some have hearing loss.

Of course, everyone experiences chemo differently, and I hope you sis gets thru her chemo with no serious problems.


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