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My Father's Story


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Well I am 15 years old and on May, 2, 2006 me and my family found out that my father had termenial lung cancer. And I jest wanted to tell his story. Well he had jest turned 60 in Jan. and he has been smoking for 54 years and he is jest now getting lung cancer. Well his father had it and was killed on the operating table in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. And it was a few days before my prom and I went with them to the doctors and they told us that he had terminal lung cancer and I was devastated, cause he had jest got over Colon Cancer 5 years ago and then this happens. And he was always a active person i mean he farmed and worked hard and etc.... But now things have turned for the worse, they have called in hospic and really arn't giving him long to live and that really hurts me cause i have only known him for 15 years and he ahs taught me lots of stuff but I jave so much more that i wanted him to teach me the way it seems that won't be happening. And you know i never thought it would happen to me and my family and i asked god why did he do this? And recently i was told that god dose this to test you and thats true and he is really testin me. And its really hard on my family cause they are jest trying to take it all from me and my mother and thats sad cause there's nothing to take :) . But anyhow let them take it all, as i told my mother we could loose it all and still have my father and i would be happy. But whoever reads this try to help with lung cancer research and try to help me and millions of other people try to help the FDA try to find the cancer before the lung collapes. And if u can and you belive in god try to keep him and the millions of other people in your thoughts. Thank You

Your Son,

Michael B.

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