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Surgery results


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I am so relieved right now that I have to share our experience and hope to provide inspiration for those who may be in a similar situation.

My dh had his upper left lobe removed today and came through it beautifully thanks to a great thoracic surgeon and his overall good health. He had emphysema which made it a bit tougher to remove his lobe. The surgery took four painfully long hours to complete but shortly after he was set up in SICU I got to see him and he was in much better shape than I expected. He has an epidural that has completely numbed the whole area so he is hardly feeling any pain and he is getting doses of fentanol (sp?). Four hours post surgery and the nurse already removed the oxygen and his levels on his own are high and he is already pushing 2000 on the spirometer. I am so encouraged that he is going to pull through this and maybe be in better shape than he was going into it.

The margins around the tumor where clear but he did find a couple of suspicious looking lymph nodes and removed them so we are awaiting biopsy results. It looks like we will be meeting with an oncologist which is great by me because I would be worrying that there could be cancer cells floating around in his body if he didn't receive chemo.

So, bottom line is that we are looking good so far.

Thanks for your support and words of wisdom.


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All sounds good so far! I found my recovery went well because I rested a lot for the first 2 weeks and stuck with the pain meds pretty religiously then too. Waiting until you feel pain may be too late. I was off of all meds before my four week check up.

Let us know


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