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What question to ask my dad's oncologist


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Hi All,

I just flew in to see my dad who was diagnosed with sclc last month. My dad's oncologist and radiologist are going to see me (I have an appointment) tomorrow (11:30 a.m. central). My dad has limited sclc and his brain scans are clear, bone marrow clear,and tumor has been shrinking. He has gone through his 1st of 6 rounds ( 3 days every 3 weeks) of carboplatin/etoposide and is also having daily radiation (for a total of 35 treatments). His oncologist also wants to do PCI after the other treatments just in case. I have a list of questions written down, but I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions for questions that I might ask them. I want to really be informed and proactive in my dad's treatment. Has anyone of you had any problems with a stomach tube. My dad had one put in a week and a half ago and it is sore and painful. He went in to talk to the guy who put it in but he said that it wasn't infected. It seems to back up a lot. I was wondering if they could give him some sort of topical analgesic to relieve the pain around the tube opening? So if anyone has any good suggestions, I welcome them!! Thanks so much, you all have been so great already!


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ask them and tell them to make sure that it is not infected. If it is not, tell them that he is in pain and that they must do something about it period end of story! he should not be in pain no matter what. Also, I have heard that twice daily radiation produces longer termed remissions and better cure rates than once daily, so you may want to inquire about that.


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